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Our essence

We take care of the environment to contribute to sustainable development and environmental conservation

Our commitment

We build sustainable relationships based on trust, respect and transparency

Our purpose

We are constantly working on the development of a solid safety and accident prevention culture

We are a hydrocarbons exploration, development, production and processing company in the north coast of Peru.

Areas of influence
in the provinces of Talara,
Paita and Sechura
Social management
for 2021

Health and safety

The protection of our collaborators is of vital importance to us. Our Integrated Management System is based on international standards (ISO 14001, ISO 45001 e ISO 9001).


We are a hydrocarbons exploration, development, production and processing company in the north coast of Peru.

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¡Savia les desea una Feliz Navidad!

30 December, 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.En el mes de diciembre, Savia Perú realizó actividades con diversas comunidades y organizaciones de la...

Delegación de estudiantes de la UDEP visitaron La Caleta de Cabo Blanco

26 September, 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Visita fue coordinada con Gremio de Pescadores de Cabo Blanco y Savia Perú, empresa que...

Savia Perú contribuyó en la Regata del Siglo 2022

11 July, 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Actividad se realizó en Cabo Blanco, en la festividad por el Día del Pescador, en...

Savia Perú: un detalle y una alegría en el día de mamá

13 May, 2022

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish. Savia Perú repartió canastas de víveres a madres de familias en distritos de la provincia...

Savia Perú Participated in Negritos Beach Cleanup

20 November, 2021

The cleanup campaign was supported by the Company SAVIA PERÚ, which provided backpacks with safety kits for all participants and the necessary logistics for...

Savia Perú Contributes with Informative Material for the Dissemination of the FISE Voucher in Talara

17 September, 2021

As part of its campaign to disseminate the "LGP FISE (energy social inclusion fund) Voucher" program for hydrocarbon producing areas in the first days...

COVID-19 Prevention Protocols Help to Reduce Contagion in Artisanal Fishing Landing Sites

5 June, 2021

Savia Perú contributed to the implementation of the COVID-19 Prevention Protocol in the artisanal fishing landing sites (DPAs) of Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, El Ñuro...

Shipbuilding Slipway Donated by Savia Perú Helps Fishermen's Work

10 May, 2021

Last May, the company Savia Perú donated a shipbuilding slipway to the fishermen's guild of the Lobitos district. This equipment is currently used for...

Peruvian Podcast Receives International Content Marketing Award

15 April, 2021

The CMM Awards 2021 recognize last year’s best Spanish-language content marketing projects in different categories. Savia Podcast competed among more than 106 entries from...

Savia Perú Improved the Conditions of the Vaso de Leche Committees in La Brea

8 March, 2021

28 committees were equipped with industrial stoves, gas cylinders, and other materials necessary for the preparation of breakfasts. This contribution will be used to...

Savia Perú Supports Talara with a Second Refill of 1000 m3 of Oxygen and a Third Delivery of Donations

15 June, 2020

The 1000 m3 refill will benefit the municipalities and health centers of the districts of La Brea (Negritos), Lobitos, El Alto and Los Órganos...

Savia Perú Contributes with the Refill of 1000 m3 of Oxygen to Support ESSALUD and MINSA.

27 May, 2020

1000 m3 were purchased from the company Oxyman, located in Piura, which will be used in the coming days by MINSA and ESSALUD. Savia...

Savia Perú Makes Donations to Support the Districts of Negritos, Lobitos, El Alto and Los Órganos

18 May, 2020

So far, 1300 masks, 1300 pairs of gloves, 350 surgical aprons, among other implements that will help to provide a more efficient care of...

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