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About Savia

We are the only company that operates offshore in Peru dedicated to the exploration, development, production and processing of hydrocarbons in the northern coast shelf of the country.

In our operations, environmental care is a priority and we contribute to the transformation of the quality of life of thousands of Peruvians.

Our work began in February 2009 and as of 2021, De Jong Capital acquired Savia and its affiliated companies in order to position itself to become a strategic and long-term leader in the Peruvian hydrocarbon industry.

De Jong Capital has over 60 years of experience, formed by a strong and cohesive team with a successful track record of responsible business transformation and value creation for all stakeholders.

SAVIA is the main asset of Offshore International Group (OIG). It currently has two blocks: (1) Z-2B which is located in the northwest of the country, in exploitation phase and producing 8 KBOED, and (2) Z-6 which has contingent gas resources, currently in exploitation phase without production and in force majeure situation, representing an area of 0.7 million hectares.

Our purpose

To ensure the company’s integrated growth through the new license concession of lot Z-2B and the implementation of a transformative gas monetization strategy based on a culture of high safety, asset potentiality and human capital expertise; and by pursuing new concession acquisitions and additional agreements in Peru beyond 2023.

Our Principles

  1. Operational responsibility
  2. Quality
  3. Coherence
  4. Trust
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Cordiality
  7. Excellence
  8. Fairness
  9. Diversity
  10. Acknowledgement
  11. Being good collaborators
  12. Transparency

Our values

In SAVIA Peru we seek to generate energy that transforms the lives of people and the future of our country, therefore in our daily work we take into account the following values and principles:


To develop safe practices in all our activities and behaviors, ensuring the care and protection of our employees, work teams, communities and the environment.


It is our core value to create interpersonal, group, business relationships and with the environment as well. It originates in our own self-esteem and the acknowledgement of the value of the other person. It implies acting with consideration, understanding, patience, empathy, and tolerance towards the people with whom one has a relationship in the performance of one’s duties.


It is the behavior that makes us visible as loyal, honest and transparent people to the company and to society. A person of integrity acts in a coherent and sincere way with themselves, with the norms and principles adopted by the organization as well as with the applicable external norms.


It is the moral obligation that consists of making the maximum effort to achieve personal, professional and work objectives. Acting in a responsible manner means that the common good prevails over particular interests. It involves fulfilling the duties entrusted to us, as well as recognizing and assuming the consequences of our actions.

Board Members

Brent William de Jong
Roberto Pérez Silva
CFO / Director
Brian Robert Zatarain

Management Committee

Guillermo Ferreyros
Ricardo Martínez
Jeroen Nieuwland
Human Resources Director
Jose Luis Olivera
Director of Strategic Planning
Orlando Mercado
Director of Corporate Affairs
Agustín de la Puente
Legal Director
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