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Social Responsibility

In SAVIA Peru we seek that our actions in Corporate Social Responsibility are evidenced in a transversal way in our operational, environmental, financial and human talent management and that they strengthen our ability to create positive synergies with other public and private actors.

At SAVIA Peru we operate in an environment of social peace, through the construction of sustainable relationships based on trust, mutual respect and transparency with stakeholders in our spheres of influence.

Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities and localities where we operate, promoting a public-private articulation approach in which the communities, the State and our company participate.

We make efforts to maintain and improve quality standards, taking care of the environment and biodiversity of our surroundings.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have Community Relations Plans (CRP), which are social management documents approved in conjunction with the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) that detail the programs to be implemented in the areas of influence of the project.


Our Commitment

Our constant interaction with our surroundings leads us to:

  • Generate trust and strategic relationships with stakeholders
  • Promote the fulfillment of commitments and the generation of spaces for dialogue
  • Promote the joint participation of the company, population and State in the development management
  • Strengthen policies of respect for human rights and gender equity
  • Implement innovative measures to avoid or mitigate environmental impacts
  • Carry out social management based on the principle of transparency


As a vision of success, our goal is to promote competitive communities for sustainable local development, which we foster through four axes of intervention:

Support to Health Services

We favor the improvement of the quality of life with health services coverage to prevent possible diseases.

Support in Educational Management

Through joint initiatives with the State and civil society, we work to improve the furniture, infrastructure and capabilities of students and teaching staff, thus contributing to the quality of education in the localities within our sphere of influence.

Capacity Building

We generate training initiatives and participatory spaces aimed at stakeholders, seeking to strengthen leadership, self-management, entrepreneurship and other priority capacities according to local contexts.

Promotion of Public-Private Synergies

We support and promote initiatives with private and governmental organizations, seeking to channel joint efforts to improve social conditions, overcoming gaps and investment proposals to communities to substantially improve their quality of life.

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