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Environmental management

At SAVIA Peru all our operational activities and projects are planned and executed considering the preventive principle and care of the environment, in order to contribute to sustainable development and environmental conservation for future generations.

Environmental Management and Studies

For each new project we implement a planning process down to the smallest detail. We identify and evaluate aspects of environmental and social impact, in order to define both the most appropriate environmental management measures and the Community Relations Plan according to the type of project.

Most of the projects relate to exploration (seismic or exploratory drilling), hydrocarbon transportation and exploitation.

Environmental Monitoring

We control the operational activities of each project through rigorous environmental monitoring programs. These are designed to record water, air and soil quality and biological factors near the platforms, and to verify that effluents and emissions comply with permissible limits.

Water quality and effluent sampling is conducted periodically at more than 30 monitoring stations at sea.

Biological monitoring also includes sightings of marine mammals and birds, which has allowed us to improve records and geo-referenced mapping of marine biodiversity, especially whales, avoiding putting animal life at risk as part of our principles.

Waste management and recycling

The final disposal of waste is carried out with special care, in strict compliance with the highest standards of our own procedures.

Waste management is based on the fundamental principle of separating hazardous and non-hazardous materials. One of the main pillars of waste management is recycling, which contributes not only to the conservation of the environment, but also, in some cases, to directly benefit projects related to children in greatest need.

Supervision of the Environmental Management Program (EMP) and Community Relations Program (CRP)

Nuestros proyectos nuevos se caracterizan por:

  • Environmental management measures
  • Community programs

Each project is designed to reduce or minimize potential environmental and social impacts at the time of its execution. Likewise, the supervision and inspection of operational activities allows us to verify in situ the environmental measures and implement the Community Relations Programs, which are fundamental to ensure the minimum environmental and social impact in the area of influence of the project.

Gestión y estudios ambientales

Environmental contingency plans include the actions necessary to successfully deal with an oil spill accident and thus guarantee the least impact on people’s health and the environment.

These plans optimize the use of human and material resources committed to spill and emergency control. Therefore, for our offshore operations, we have modern spill control equipment such as: containment barriers (boom), oil reelection equipment (skimmer) and floating storage tanks, among others.

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