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Health and safety

Life is above any other demand. Taking this principle into account, at SAVIA Peru we assume the commitment to protect the physical integrity of our workers, contractors and people linked to our activities, as well as the integrity of the facilities and the continuity of operations.

At SAVIA Peru, occupational health is a fundamental component for our development as a company. It contributes to increase well-being and productivity by improving the working and living conditions of our workers.

We assume our commitment by promoting a culture of prevention of occupational diseases and risks with the participation of workers in a process of continuous improvement as established in the strategic objectives.

Occupational Health

We have an Annual Occupational Health Program by which we have:

  • Studies, control and surveillance of diseases and the factors that generate them
  • Occupational medical evaluations according to the risks of the job position
  • Coaching and training sessions, formation of brigades, emergency response
  • Equipment
  • Drills
  • Periodic health inspections
  • Prevention and health promotion subprograms
  • Compliance with current legislation

At SAVIA Peru we are constantly working on the development of a solid safety and accident prevention culture. Our goal is zero injuries, because a safe and accident-free environment contributes to improve the reliability of operations, reduce costs and achieve higher productivity.

It is important to point out that the success of accident prevention requires the effort of all our corporate leaders, supervisors, employees and even each family, as this care must be taken into account both on and off the job.

The purpose of all these activities is to ensure that our workers are in optimal physical and mental health conditions, performing efficiently without endangering their health or that of their colleagues.

In addition, we have developed all the activities for the prevention and control of SARS Covid-19, which has allowed us to guarantee the continuity of our operations.

Industrial and Process Safety

At SAVIA Peru we have designed an Industrial Safety and Process Safety management system called Operations Integrated Management System (OIMS), based on international standards, supported by four pillars and 14 elements:

Commitment to Process Safety 1.

  • Management commitment and leadership
  • Codes, standards and regulations
  • Competence, training and behavior

Knowledge of Hazards and Risks 2.

  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Information and documentation

Risk Management 3.

  • Design and construction of facilities – Integrity
  • Operations and maintenance – Integrity
  • Contractor management
  • Change management
  • Crisis, business continuity and emergency management
  • Environment – Sustainability
  • Occupational health and hygiene

Learning from Experience 4.

  • Accident investigation and analysis
  • Evaluation, assurance and improvement
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