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COVID-19 Prevention Protocols Help to Reduce Contagion in Artisanal Fishing Landing Sites

5 June, 2021

Savia Perú contributed to the implementation of the COVID-19 Prevention Protocol in the artisanal fishing landing sites (DPAs) of Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, El Ñuro and Los Órganos. This is a very important project to reduce the level of contagion in these busy areas, which are the source of employment for most fishermen.

These mandatory procedures established to avoid contagion include hygiene and disinfection of the landing sites and of the artisanal fishermen themselves, as well as social distancing and the adequate use of biosecurity elements among all those present during their work.

For the implementation of these protocols, Savia equipped each landing site with equipment and materials, such as wall dispensers (for alcohol gel), footbaths (for washing shoes), biosafety suits, fumigation backpacks, thermometers, masks, cleaning and disinfection materials such as alcohol gel for the dispensers, liquid soap for hand washing, among other implements. All these items are used for proper compliance.

Savia also installed perimeter fences and, in some landing sites, vehicle gates to delimit the work areas and prevent the flow of outsiders.

The implementation of the protocol has also included a dissemination and awareness campaign with fishermen and landing site users to instruct and train them on the correct use of the prevention plan. To this end, Savia Perú has provided informative and educational banners to inform fishermen of the dangers to which they are exposed if they do not comply with the prevention measures, as well as signage so that they can keep the appropriate social distance and comply with the protocol.

The COVID-19 Prevention Protocol represents an investment of S/ 250,000 soles and benefits 1,150 artisanal fishermen. In this way, Savia Perú continues to join efforts to develop actions that promote the improvement of the quality of life of fishermen and their families.

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