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Savia Perú Contributes with Informative Material for the Dissemination of the FISE Voucher in Talara

17 September, 2021

As part of its campaign to disseminate the “LGP FISE (energy social inclusion fund) Voucher” program for hydrocarbon producing areas in the first days of September, Savia Perú delivered informative material to reinforce the dissemination of the program, which according to the latest regulation of the Ministry of Energy and Mines – MINEM, has been increased to 32 soles for gas producing areas.

In meetings held with the municipalities of Talara, La Brea and El Alto, and with the participation of Enosa’s representative, Eng. Steven Rondoy García, Savia Perú delivered 7,000 flyers, 80 posters and 9 banner roll screens, which will be used by support personnel of the municipalities to assist neighbors who need more information on how to verify if they are beneficiaries, as well as to manage their FISE Voucher. It is worth mentioning that potential beneficiaries will also receive a flyer attached to their electricity bill, with the necessary information to carry out the procedure.

Eng. Steven Rondoy indicated that, with the support of Savia Perú, this campaign to disseminate the 32 soles FISE Voucher is being carried out and, for the month of August, it includes more than 10,000 potential beneficiaries throughout the province of Talara, who meet the first requirement, which is to have a maximum annual average electricity consumption of 100 Kw/h or less. He also pointed out that this group of potential beneficiaries must verify if they meet the other requirements of the program, such as: not living in areas where there is a home gas network, having a maximum annual income of up to 19,900 soles, having a gas stove and that the floor of their house is made of cement, wood or a less resistant material. If they meet these requirements, then they should apply for their LGP FISE voucher at Enosa’s Customer Service Center or virtually through its Enosa WhatsApp line: 991334000.

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